"Any sufficiently advanced technology
is indistinguishable from magic."
- Arthur C.Clarke

Experience & Skills

  • Wed Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Product Design,
  • Print Design,
  • Digital Strategy,
about me


Styling Robot/Director

For me, the love of technology came first in my life followed by the love of design. I continue using that hierarchy when I am designing a project, keeping the functionality of the technology in mind followed by making it pretty or well designed.

In my opinion, Art and Design are very different. Design is a process and therefore has an output that is functional. Art is simply static. Art remains under perfect lighting, a pretty frame and positioned perfectly. But would that piece of art look as good in a different location without perfect lights? To me, thats the difference between art and design. Design must serve a function and ensure that the product (whatever it may be) is always at its best no matter what frame or lighting it is. I am using frame and lighting as a metaphor for responsiveness and browser type...

We live in a world were research is step number one when considering a brand, product or service. Because the internet is so accessible now, that first step is always to research online either via reviews, social media pages (likes etc) or by visiting a website. When I was working in retail, I had to ensure that I was clean shaven, hair down, clean uniform and earring out (I made some mistakes in my youth). The same presentation parameters i.e Look professional can be considered more important conditions for your website.

Don't have the same website design as your competitors, do something to standout. Ensure that your website is a benefit or an asset to your brand, product or service. Push the boundaries and seek coolness through functionality surrounded by good design.

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