Elite Carpentry Website

Elite Cartpentry, A Canberra Business that needed their website redesigned beautifully


Build Date: February  2017

Framework: WordPress – Open Source

Theme: Uncode

Website: elitecarpentry.com.au

Arthur (Business Owner) approached me to redesign and rebuild his business’s existing website in order to gain more clients but also display his business in a more modern way. His main goal of the website redesign was to display the complete list of services that he offers along with information regarding them as well as allowing visitors to see his portfolio and previous work that he had completed.

The businesses target market is Canberra, ACT so the website needed the functionality to display testimonials and also an ease of functionality when updating the website with new testimonials.

The overall design instructions given to me was to make it look better than his competitors for obvious reasons.

Website Design Strategy

Arthur gave me complete freedom to design the website in a style that I thought was appropriate and matched his criteria so the design strategy was fairly easy – Make it look good!

I went for a Dark UI because most of his competitors had a light UI with using colours like white for their backgrounds with fairly bright contrasting colours as their secondary colours. The dark background that we chose allowed the yellow colour to act as an attention-grabbing colour without pushing the contrast levels too far.

As the instructions were to make the design modern, I choose to design a lot of the elements throughout the site as Material Design, which means include a specific ratio of drop shadows (technically box shadows) for each element, this naturally pushed the overall design to become modern.

Black and white images or dark overlays were used in order to create a more seamless transition between an image and the dark broken, but using some of Uncode features such as the hover reveal on images made them really pop which gave the audience something to focus on, which is exactly what was the target especially for the portfolio or ‘Our Work’ pieces.

Website Build Wrap Up

Arthur and I were extremely excited about the end results of the website as it really came together and delivered on my original promise to Arthur – “I’ll make it look better than your competitors”.

The website design uses modern techniques in order to illustrate the important parts of the website that increases the website conversion rate but also definitely reflects Elite Carpentry’s professionalism.