Imagery Makes A Website

Getting a professional photographer to come out to your shop or place of work to take some snaps can be quite costly, depending on where you are but I know here in Canberra, ACT – It would cost at least a couple of hundred (possibly more) to get some professional photos taken of your products, shop and/or team.

These days, most SmartPhones have a decent camera on them and as long as you take the photos in landscape mode then you will have something decent…but are they website worthy?

Taking photos for your facebook profile or family album is quite different than taking photos for your website, Family photos are obviously taken in order to capture that moment in time but often photos on a website are meant to compliment another element, content or match a certain design.

Usually, when I am working with a client, I always tell them that let’s start off with the ol’ SmartPhone camera and see what we can produce then if everything is a miss then we’ll reach out for a quote from some photographers.

The reason I start of with getting the client to take the photos first is obviously its a lot cheaper and also you can do some amazing things in Photoshop. You can edit, overlay, focus and really create a whole other image from what it started from if you know what you’re looking for.

The Difference

It is obviously a little hard to clearly show you the difference but I am going to attempt to, I’ve grabbed this photo from Google Images which does seem like something that would potentially be placed as a Hero Image for a Steel company on their website;



So there is a fair apparent difference between the two and you most likely wouldn’t even end up using the ‘Before’ example but its really just an example about how you can easily edit a simple photo in order to create something a little more sexier for a hero image.

My rule is usually – “When in doubt, black rectangle + 50% Opacity over the top”

So next time that you are building a website for a client, stress the importance of good imagery and how it can lift the website’s overall quality. You can never have too many photos to choose from but there is nothing worse than having no photos to put on the website, for my clients – I usually tell them two things that they need to start doing once the website is handed over to them;

1. Create a workflow or reminder system to request a testimonial as soon as the service is paid for or the product is sold.

2. Attempt to take as many photos of your work, products in use or team in their environment.